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        Willy   age 49                                              Ron   age 53

Our OES story

In april 1988 our first OES Jody came as a puppy in our home, at that moment we were totaly blanc and it was one
without a pedigree. It was a greath dog but she a a very sick body. After eight years we finaly found out what
coursed her sickness but it came to late for her and we had to let her go.

After we said goodby to Jody in september 1996, Daisy (Blue Sacrifice Dear Daisy came into our home in November
1996. At the age of 8 weeks she already was a big girl and she still is a big girl, she is our little pony. We went to
train with her because she was e real working dog. On the age of 2 years she was on G&G I level. This was no
wonder because she was out of the line of Sparkle square's China Blue, he also worked with his owner and
reached the G&G level. We had to let her go on the age of 12,5 years in april 2009.

In june 1988 came our male Sweet Expression's Ali Baba into our home. He was a replaced dog and reached the
age of 27 months when we met him. There was aclick directly and we loved to take him into ouw home, a dog
with a golden caracter. His father is multi Champion Stonebrook California Breeze. We took hem to his first show
in Maastricht and he won the open class and our showing mood started. In the year 2000 he became a dutch
champion and we made him also a G&G I dog. He still love it to go to the show and in june 2006 he became the first
dutch OES veteran champion. After a loving life we said goodbye to us in may 2009 on the age of 13, just 4 weeks
after Daisy.

In december another wish come true, Zeerzeker aus dem Elbe Urstromtal is her name, she is out of the kennel of
the well knowed Connie Loest and also a child of Stonebrook California Breeze. On her first got her first titel on
the age of 13 months and became yought winster 2001 and togerther with sparkle square's fashen award she
became best yought bitch of the O.E.S.C.N. for 2001. She got her veteran championship in 2008.

In december 2006 a new baby came into our home het name is Kerjalee Xquiszt moments. We went to the UK out of
the kennel of Mrs Paulien Mills. With Raisa we want to pick up showing again. Her fathers name is Kerjalee Azure
and het mother Make my moments at Kerjalee. In 2008 She became top show youth bitch and in 2009 top show
bitch. She became Dutch Youth Champion in 2007 and in december 2009 The Dutch Champion title.
In april 2010 she brought us our first litter.

In july 2008 our baby Kerjalee Definatly Moments joined our OES family. He became dutch youth champion in 2008 and top show youth male 2009.

In april 2010 we had our first litter out of Kerjalee Xquiszt Moments and Multi Ch. Eldorado aus dem Elbe Urstromtal. It took a long times before we had a litter but are completely happy with the caracters we brought into this world. 4 males and 3 females and all find a perfect new home exept for one Definitely Xquiszt Abegayle "Äbby"stayed in our home to join the club.
She became a dutch Youthchampion in 2011.
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